Saturday, November 27, 2010

Love Letter

(my version of love letter, altered and changed according to my feelings from the one i got from Farah)
For you that I always love,

How are you doing? How’s the weather there? Does it rain like it did here today?
No matter where you are, do know that my boundless prayers to Allah for your wellbeing and for you to have a blissful life are with you every single time I wrapped up my daily prayers.

Lately, I’ve been tested with a number of tests by God but I am quite happy to tell you that I think Allah have made me such a better person through these tests. At times, I talk to myself and wonder about you. You must be really special as I have gone through so much to meet you, in which it never crossed my mind that it would be this challenging : )

You live your life according to Sunnah. You prostrate yourself to Allah from dawn till night. You weep secretly at night for your wrongdoings and mistakes. You praised Allah for every single nikmah that He provides you with. Your heart fills with His grace and your heart swells with love for Muhammad pbuh. You watch the sky during the day and night and your heart flutters in mesmerism for His magical creation. You call yourself rich but not with material wealth. You are rich with love towards our Creator and the creations and i guess that is more than enough for me.

You try you best to improve yourself and become a better Muslim. You dream to uplift the pillar of Islam at its highest point and you want to contribute something for our religion. But at the end of the day, you still feel that there’s an empty space somewhere in your heart. That’s because Allah has intentionally spare that empty space for a special person. That is, your wife, the one who is made from your left rib, designed by Allah just for you. And your heart longingly misses her although you might not have met her yet.

My dear,
Although I DON’T KNOW YOU YET, you may be someone I know. Or maybe not. I know you are pursuing the best of your life as a Muslim, as well as your best being a husband.

I will wait for you because I believe that you will look for me : )

I just want to say, I love you and I miss you so much. Lillah. Be a good servant of Him, be a good son, brother. When the time arrives, you will find me and we’ll stroll down this journey call life together as life partners to gain Allah’s love for the hereafter. Amin

Take care,

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