Saturday, March 5, 2011

Teaching with Love

Teaching is one wonderful profession. Why? Because no matter how much you detest the workloads to the point that you feel like breaking into two, four of maybe eight, the students will never fail to make you smile. Though at times, it did cross my mind that I’ll grow old and tired of getting to know new students and that attachment hurts especially when they leave school after form 5. wrong am I. The heart is never tired of learning, learning to love; to love the next group of students you’re supposed to teach at the same time care for with all your heart fillah.

“The heart of the believer is between two fingers of the Merciful”

God lend me your strength and make me a good dai'e to that i can lead them to you. Ameen. (insya Allah)

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  1. so true akak...
    was thinking of d same thing :)